Laurel Springs School Proudly Partners with Junior Tennis Champions Center

Laurel Springs' NCAA-approved curriculum and strategic athletic advisory provide athletes with the flexible programming and support they need to thrive academically, meet eligibility requirements, and reach their highest potential.


Your athlete deserves an education that champions them both academically and on the court.

"Right now, I train for at least four additional hours each week on top of my regular schedule; and if it weren’t for Laurel Springs and the flexibility I have with my courses, I wouldn’t get to do that."

Penelope Parrott, Student-Athlete, Class of '29

Here's Why Athletes Choose

Laurel Springs School

Private, Online, NCAA-Approved Education

Laurel Springs offers K-12 student-athletes an online private education featuring

  • Rigorous NCAA-approved programming including an expansive catalog of AP and Honors courses
  • Customizable schedule with up to 10 blackout dates per semester
  • Asynchronous coursework that can be accessed 24/7 and from anywhere in the world
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Strategic, Personalized Athletic Advisory

Starting in 8th grade, student-athletes are assigned an athletic advisor to provide guidance on

  • Maintaining and meeting NCAA academic eligibility requirements
  • Navigating the recruitment process and choosing the best-fit college(s)
  • Amateurism, social media branding, and relationship building with college coaches

Global Community

Laurel Springs' vibrant student community expands across all 50 states and 100 different countries. We feature

  • Over 30 clubs and activities
  • Weekly, live workshops via The Academy
  • Private online social network for students and parents
  • More field trip and meet-up offerings than many brick-and-mortar schools
  • Annual in-person graduation and prom

Summer Programs

Our 2024 Summer Program will help student-athletes get ahead, meet eligibility requirements, and strengthen academic performance.

  • NCAA-approved courses allow athletes to complete a semester of work in 4 weeks, or a full year in 8
  • New College Athletics Bootcamp features a week-long, live exploration of NCAA eligibility, the recruitment process, amateurism, effective communication strategies with college coaches, athletic scholarships, social media branding, and much more

Join Us for a Virtual Open House

Learn how Laurel Springs can comprehensively support your student-athlete in our conversational, interactive Virtual Open House experience. Walk away feeling familiar with what makes us unique, including our key differentiators of flexibility and tailored support.

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Laurel Springs' Class of 2023 Outcomes


are college- or


who applied to college were offered admission to their first-choice school


Class of 2023 received $10.2M+ in scholarships. That's more than $95k per student.

1 in 4

More than 1/4 of Academy graduates were admitted to US institutions with acceptance rates < 25%

What Our Student-Athletes Say

"I was looking for high schools that allowed me to keep up with tennis and travel for tournaments without sacrificing my academics. When I found Laurel Springs, I knew it was the best option out there for me."

- Mauro Alvarado, Class of '18

"I was missing more and more classes, and juggling practice, tournaments, and travel was overwhelming. Some of my tennis friends recommended Laurel Springs, so I tried it out for a summer semester and absolutely loved it."

- Arya Jue, Class of '23

"Because I travel so much for tournaments, I love how I can work at my own pace. I can take my time to better understand something if I need to, or work ahead if I want to. I wasn’t able to do this when I was at a traditional school."

- Francesca Saroli, Class of '25

Why JTCC and Laurel Springs
Are the Perfect Match

For nearly two decades, JTCC has confidently partnered with Laurel Springs for its premier online curriculum. Our accredited, NCAA-approved college-prep track is a trusted choice for JTCC families and students year after year. Athletes attending Laurel Springs through JTCC gain not just an academic edge, but also the essential skills to excel in collegiate athletics and life beyond graduation.

To learn more about JTCC, please contact the Director of School, Mark Santangelo, at You can also visit the JTCC website at

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